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Spots caused by food, water or animals
Place Bruce No-Wax Cleaner on a clean cloth to remove the stain or spot.  More stubborn stains may require additional scrubbing with Bruce No-Wax Cleaner and a Bruce Scrub Pad.

Greasy spots or Ink spots
Rub grease, tar, lipstick, crayon, rubber scuffs, or oil spots with a cloth or Bruce Scrub Pad dampened with Bruce No-Wax Cleaner.  If stain remains, rub with a cloth or Bruce Scrub Pad dampened with Clean 'n' Strip and follow up by cleaning the area with Bruce No-Wax Cleaner.

Cigarette Burns
Most common burns can be repaired with the Bruce Touch-Up Kit.  Rub area with fine sandpaper, restain with Bruce Touch-Up Market and refinish with Bruce Dura-Luster urethane.  For cigarette burns that extend deep into the surface of the wood, individual plank, strip, or parquet boards may need to be replaced.

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